Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More on DECT sniffing and attacks

The dedected blog reports the COM-ON-AIR Type II cards are practically sold out, so they are working on supporting the older (less compatible) Type III cards. I took a look on eBay and only Type III and PCI cards are available right now. Looking at the ended auctions, it seems that (in the last two weeks ) over 700 Type II cards have been sold on eBay!

Patches are now available on the dedected mailing-list which allow capturing directly to audio files. So no more converting captured calls. These should be integrated into the main SVN soon (apparently there are some licensing issues). I did not have a chance to test the patches so far. A draft of the paper detailing the attacks and the DSAA algorithm is also available on the dedected wiki: Attacks on the DECT authentication mechanisms.

Finally, the DECT forum has reacted on the possibility of DECT eavesdropping. They state this:

"It is impossible to accidentally eavesdrop on telephone conversations and therefore the risk for users is very low. Only those with a clear criminal energy and intent and a sophisticated knowledge would be capable of eavesdropping."

I can’t say I agree with them. Yes, of course eavesdropping on other people’s phone calls is illegal and it should be, but with the tools dedected has created it is certainly not hard to do so. I'm not interested in my neighbours phone calls, but a lot of people probably are. Just look at the number of cards sold on eBay, these can’t all be nice pentesters with good intentions :-).

Update: I have tested the patch for capturing directly to audio files. The dect_cli tool does store .wav files as well as .pcap files now. With my handset, the files are sometimes empty (well, their size is 44 bytes) though, while they shouldn't be. When it does work, the .wav files are quite nice, but with my handset, the volume still turns out quite low. A bit of amplification using Audacity works well though.

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