Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some DECT updates

The dedected team has gotten the Type III cards to work! I tested one of mine today (an Ascom Voo:doo) and it seems to be working properly. Meanwhile the prices on Type II cards are still pretty high.

In a previous post I mentioned a patch which allows capturing directly to .wav files, so conversion is no longer necessary. A newer version of this patch was posted about a month ago. This version also allows live voice playing. I tested the patch last weekend but on my laptop the live voice playing feature ‘stutters’ a bit (could be because I also applied the patch from r44). The capturing directly to .wav files works great though. I haven’t posted a sample with good audio quality so far, so here is one to get an idea of the sound quality (some random English voice menu). There are some manual decoding hints on the mailing lists, I’ll have to look up which method the patch uses.

Siemens Germany has posted a list of Gigaset phones which use encryption here (I could not find it on the Dutch or English versions of The Gigaset 4010 phone I was able to eavesdrop on is simply not on the list.

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